Windows 2K? WTF?

Windows 2K FTW!!!!!11!1!

Well, a few days ago I took out the HDD in an old box, and I had Tinny come over to help me plug that up and install Windows XP on it. Well, we got a Blue Screen O’ Death during installation. Well, HDD doesn’t like XP, so he whipped out his 2K cd and it worked. So now I got an Ubuntu/2K Dual boot going on now, and it’s been working good. When I’m in Ubuntu I can transfer files from each HDD, but not in Windows cause it’s evil and doesn’t like the format. =0

Other than that I’ve had some (rest?) and relaxation. Been doing better in my Music creation, but been dumping a lot of things that sound even remotely wrong.

Note to self: Don’t eat a entire mouthful of chewed shreaded wheat cereal in one gulp.



Popular parody of “THE SCENE” has just released the first DVD in a set of 3. The DVD includes high quality encodes of all episodes, director commentary, and many other goodies!

Download information can be found here.

I had a little Q and A with Hydr0san:

TinMan: on the download page, DVD 1 of 3? is it just the first season out on DVD so far or what’s with the 3 DVDs?
Hydr0san: no
Hydr0san: first 4 eps
Hydr0san: + goodies on there
Hydr0san: dvd2 will be out soon
TinMan: cool
TinMan: why did you digg it under security? lol
Hydr0san: i dont know 😛
TinMan: haha
Hydr0san: just cauase
Hydr0san: i saw this other digg
Hydr0san: look at that closely
TinMan: rofl

Remember, true sceners seed 200% 😉

Don’t forget to digg it!

Down Shift

So after Windows KO’d my HDD, I got seriously pissed and Tinny got Ubuntu top-notched on my box and I’ve been using that the last month or so.

But the biggest part of this: Nothing was backed up. All work and progress on anything, gone. This means I have to start from scratch on the game. And yes, it is a major set back. The game will take longer to make.

External to Internal DVD Burner

A while ago I bought an external HP LightScribe DVD burner because none of my computers had a DVD burner and I decided that it would be more useful if I bought an external burner, that way I could swap it between my desktop, laptop, and friends’ computers. My Lite-On CD burner that can only read DVD’s has always been a pain to burn CDs with in windows, and the other day it decided to stop recognizing blank CDs in Linux too. I decided to open up my HP LightScribe to see if my thought of it as just a normal 5.25in device was what it really was, and I guessed it right, so I pulled it out of its bulky case and put it in my computer. It reads and writes a lot faster now that its on IDE instead of USB 2.0, as an internal drive I’m actually satisfied with it now, as an external drive it was loud, shook, and was too easy to accidentally kick over…

Here it is stock as an external drive with a bulky case

Before: External Drive

In the case is just an IDE drive with a couple litte adapters for power and IDE to USB

Case Opened Up

The drive is shorter in length than most other drives, which is good because on my case it isn’t seen through the clear

Short Length

And here it is finally as an internal drive

After: Internal Drive

Ubuntu Install Script

When you first install Ubuntu, there are a lot of plugins and programs that aren’t included in the main install, so in the past I have always made a list of things that I’ve installed, and how I installed them. When Breezy Badger came out (Ubuntu 5.10) I had more than three computers up and running it, so I decided to make a very simple script that did most of the work for me, and now with Dapper (Ubuntu 6.06) I have done the same. You can find my installer script here, along with some configuration files that I use. Make sure that you open it up and read all of the notes in it before you use it, that way you can customize it to your personal needs, and your system’s hardware needs.

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Today marks the official release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. (Long Term Support)

For those of you who don’t know what Ubuntu is, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is based off of Debian Linux. “Ubunu is an African word, meaning ‘humanity to others’ or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.”

I have been using Ubuntu as my main Operating System on both my desktop and laptop for quite some time now, and have found it to be a very user friendly Linux distro. If you haven’t used it before, then I recommend that you download the LiveCD and boot it up for a test drive.

Upcoming Game

Many of you have known but to make this official, I am making a RPG.

Right now it:

Has no name, but it will go by the code name “Bitchy” until I have decided a name for it.

Is about 4% done programming wise, and I have about 35% of the game’s ideas and plot done.

Will at most be done before summer break will be over. At least a few weeks after summer break has started.
But because Tinny wanted me to, here is a screeny:

Bitchy Screenshot

WRT54G Cooling

The other day my Linksys WRT54G finally died, my internet kept dropping and then I finally noticed that it was overheating and probably fried, I let it cool down, then I reset it ghetto style (connect pins 15 and 16 on its intel chip with a jewel screwdriver) and tftp’d the last official Linksys Firmware version to it, but it was still dead.

So the next day I bought a new WRT54G v2 (same router) and decided that it is an awesome router with all the possibilities of its firmware since it runs linux, but it has major cooling issues, so I made a solution that’s ugly, but works. Once I get the time I’ll clean it up and make a bracket for the fan to be mounted with and adapt the fan to be powered by a wall outlet.

For now I have a silent 80mm fan taped to the top of it pulling air out of the router from the holes on top of it. The fan is powered by the NeonPulse server’s PSU since the router is always next to the server anyways.

Server and Router

Router and Fan