McOwned and a Chicago Hacker Meeting

On Friday, 0v3rk1ll and I attended a monthly Chicago 2600 meeting with my parents. On the way we stopped at a McDonald’s to see that the drive-through was McOwned with a Windows error message.

McDonalds Drive-Through Computer Owned

McDonalds Drive-Through Computer Error Message

I don’t remember ordering that…

Then, we arrived at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club in Irving Park, where the Chicago 2600 meetings are held.

Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club

We’re usually fashionably late by an hour or so, which is why it was dark out. When we got there Jaku stole my camera and went on a food run to Burger King with Josh so I don’t have any clear photographs after that point. There weren’t any presentations this month, so it was pretty calm. Many of the hackers were discussing their past experiences from NOTACON and their plans for going to the upcoming NOTACON 5 that is next month. Some people had ASUS Eee PCs and someone even had an Everex CloudBook, which I personally think is much cooler. There were gadgets galore and people doing all kinds of things, from playing DOOM to writing programs for the iPhone. If you live in the area and have nothing better to do than learn and play with computers on the first Friday of a month then you should check it out, it’s loads of fun and the people there are great to talk to.

My handle/alias is “TinMan,” so b1rd got me a gummy heart.

TinMan with Gummy Heart

It was delicious ๐Ÿ˜›

LED Belt Clip

January 4th there was a Chicago Hacker meeting (Chicago 2600/DefCon 312) and an attendee handed out 1ยข BestBuy gift cards, fifteen gift cards that he put one cent on, totaling 15ยข. He had the receipt to show for it too. I think it’s weird that they let him do that, the value of the special holiday gift cards had to be more than one cent, they have a watch battery in them that has to have a greater value than that.

I didn’t take pictures of the scrolling LED gift card before I transformed it into a belt clip, but here’s a set of pictures I found on Flickr of it new and then being taken apart. I thought it would make a great belt buckle so I opened it up to see what I could do with it. You may want to pop out the plastic piece that pressed the buttons so they don’t get accidentally bumped, I did this so you would have to be trying to press the buttons to actually press them. It fits the plastic shell nicely so I put it back together and just covered the front with black electrical tape. Then I set it upside-down on a cardboard box and cut off the excess electrical tape along the edges with an x-acto knife. I used a piece of cloth strap material from a small bag and folded it into a loop that would fit snugly around my belt, then I stapled it like that and melted the cut edges of the plastic-like-fabric with a lighter so it wouldn’t unravel where it was cut. I didn’t have any way to attach the belt loop to the gift card other than by taping it with thick electrical tape, so I did that. You could wrap it through the inside and screw the plastic shell shut so it would pinch the strap in place, but then the strap would be in the way of the buttons on the back of the gift card.

I like it with just “TINMAN” as the message, but I got at least three comments on it in an hour while shopping in Chicago with it displaying “Stop staring at my crotch” :]

Click below for a YouTube video of it in action:

YouTube - TinMan's LED Belt Clip

Carputer Brainstorming

I need music in my AMC Gremlin, the stock AM radio in it cut out every time we tried to get it working. I decided that a carputer would work out better than a normal in-dash stereo because it wouldn’t require having CDs with, I could just play mp3 files stored on the carputer.

Instead of building or buying a carputer I realized that my N800 would be perfect for the job, it has support for many media formats, AM/FM radio, WiFi for Wardriving, USB port, low power consumption, touch screen, etc.

Right now I’m thinking:

  • The N800 should be held by a turnable dock that it can be removed from easily
  • The dock would come out of the expansion bay on the car dash
  • A USB hub and external hard drive with my music on it should be mounted in the glove compartment
  • For speakers I’d have speaker boxes on the floor in back

Now I need to figure out:

  • How to make the N800 dock adjustable and be able to hide it back in the dash when it’s not in use
  • How much power it will need
  • How to connect the car antenna to the N800, it’s earbuds (headphones) are the stock antenna
  • How to power the external USB drive and USB hub so the N800 can play media off of it
  • Where I can get good boxed speakers that will fit on the floor and how to connect them to a normal headphone jack

So far I’ve got my N800 set up for it software wise, I loaded the latest firmware onto it yesterday and re-installed all my media applications.

I’ll document the project once it starts coming together in the car, it seems like the perfect carputer. I’m sure that other people have used it as one since you can run Maemo Mapper on it.


Jeremy Hammond Sentenced

Another one got caught today, it’s all over the papers.

Chicago Tribune (Hack This Site!)
Hack This Site!
digg – HackThisSite Founder Convicted

It’s a shame that he kept stirring up trouble, for a while it looked like the charges were going to be dropped. Even if they weren’t, he still would have had a lesser conviction in court had he not broken parole with accounts of assault and drug use.

January 3rd I will loose one of my great mentors, not that I admire what he has done, but in the sense that he was always there to chat with me, teaching me new things and helping me learn about security and technology. A good friend to me, I only wish that he was a better one by not getting himself locked up and not causing trouble with my Chicago2600 friends.

I hope that one day he will start thinking his actions and their consequences through, that will benefit both him and the world as he could accomplish great things if he went at them with good intentions and executed his ideas using pure (white hat) ethics.

This means that many of the aspiring projects that he has helped out with will suffer, but it also means that he won’t be causing trouble with other projects and ethical groups as he has with Chicago 2600.

~ TinMan

anarchist hackers are everywhere!

Google Code Search

Google Code Search

Google Code Search was launched today, making Google Hacking easier than ever! A lot of attention is being drawn to this since you can find .sql and .php files containing passwords and juicy information that are in archives. Need the serial number algorith for a program? Google’s found them for you!

If you are new to Google Hacking then I recommend reading Maniac‘s Google Hacking Basics .pdf which can be found on Chicago2600‘s Presentations page.

Happy Hacking!