Tee Eff Too

So, I’m one of the many excited for the full release of TF2 on Wednesday (as along with Portal). I’ve been playing the beta since it came out and it’s been plenty fun and buggy free for a beta release, besides a few glitches and balance issues.

Pretty much class layout is as follows:

Scout: Your speed is a very useful ability along with a double jump. Using these two with your scattergun (shotty) you literally blur past your opponents for quick, sporadic attacks. You are very useful for running past enemies and capturing a point, or a flag.

Soldier: You are a slower unit, but your rockets/shotgun prove hella damaging. Anything in your way will be blasted away, if you aren’t blasted first.

Pyro: You are, and will always be, known as a shitbag. This is because the best way to kill or at least set people on fire is to ambush them. You wait around the corner, and when the enemy is very near, you pop out and give them a lethal dose of point-blank flamethrower.

Demoman: You are the only unit in the game with grenades, and how people will hate you for it. Use your two different grenade launchers to catch enemies off guard, and have some nice explosives placed at their feet.

Heavy: You make them cry some more. You fill them with much lead, and they cannot outsmart your bullets. ‘Nuff said.

Engineer: Man, you hate fucking everyone in the game because you want your precious erected structures to be safe. The spies make you tear in your eyes.

Medic: Your teamates will constantly be calling for you, and when you and a heavy get together for sweet mayhem…it’s death time. At least guys say “Thanks.”

Sniper: Shoot shit in the head. Hopefully your team won’t get pissed at you.

Spy: You will go behind enemy lines and you will piss them off.

You kids have fun.

Ultra-Mega Random Rant Time

So upon going into my school’s computer lab with the rest of my Economics class, were were going to check stock prices as we normally did on every day. The site we went to daily was Yahoo. There was a problem however.

The school had blocked Yahoo.

Now, this struck me as odd, since who would block a search engine? (However, just typing in finance.yahoo.com sufficed to getting there. Cheap blocking systems.) Now, the blocking software always has a reason for blocking a website. Whether it should be “information technology” or “website blogging”. This had struck me very odd.

“Search engine.”

I quickly check Google (for Christ’s sake). Blocked as well for the same reason. How the fuck can you block SEARCH ENGINES? It’s a fucking crime! How can you have even a simple learning environment without even being able to search what you need. I’m surprised if they haven’t blocked Wikipedia either, since it has some “bad” stuff on there. What’s even left to go on the internet for now? The school website?

Fuck, I’m done.


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Game Rating:

Gameplay: 10
Plot: 8.5
Graphics: 9
Fun-ness: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Voxx’s Tilt: 10

Total: 9.5

Well, here it is, my review of a game that people have waited for. Waited oh so long.

LoZ:TP is quite the same as all the other Zelda games; get item in dungeon, use it mostly in the dungeon and on the boss. With a few item name changes and change of “tone” (the game is handful more violent than the last games), the game came together with greatness. I love the plot, but to keep this spoiler free, lets just say….some point in the game made me feel less about it. I mean, it’s not like a fucking Halo 2 cliffhanger from Hell itself. But it still makes you say, “Fuck…”

The Wii pulls the graphics to a very nice detailed level, and it mixes well with animation frames. I also didn’t find a single glitch in the game (but that doesn’t mean someone won’t). Sound is also spectacular, but when a lot of the sounds come from the Wii-mote, it isn’t the greatest thing to your ears. And stabbin’ foo’s with your sword (Wii-mote) makes this game’s fun-ness and gameplay go way up. You learn several different sword techniques throughout the game, and towards the end, you get some kick-ass moves (Don’t move that hyphen). My tilt is at 10, because I god damn love Zelda.

Diablo II

Me and Diablo II have been re-united. You have been warned.

P.S. SoaP OWNED!!!

–Edit by TinMan–

NeonPulse.net does not endorse the use of Diablo II and recommends that you seek professional help for an addiction to it.

An exorcist may be required for prolonged exposure to Blizzard games.

Ah, beautiful scripts and chords.

So, I’ve been tinkering with Fruity Loops Studio 6 for awhile now. Learning and making music. It’s a pretty nice program, and you don’t need a MIDI Keyboard to use it either. (Unlike Reason, which I use for drum loops).

So in the meantime of me learning, (and figuring out plans for the game) go listen to some of my scrap-ish work here:


Windows 2K? WTF?

Windows 2K FTW!!!!!11!1!

Well, a few days ago I took out the HDD in an old box, and I had Tinny come over to help me plug that up and install Windows XP on it. Well, we got a Blue Screen O’ Death during installation. Well, HDD doesn’t like XP, so he whipped out his 2K cd and it worked. So now I got an Ubuntu/2K Dual boot going on now, and it’s been working good. When I’m in Ubuntu I can transfer files from each HDD, but not in Windows cause it’s evil and doesn’t like the format. =0

Other than that I’ve had some (rest?) and relaxation. Been doing better in my Music creation, but been dumping a lot of things that sound even remotely wrong.

Note to self: Don’t eat a entire mouthful of chewed shreaded wheat cereal in one gulp.


Down Shift

So after Windows KO’d my HDD, I got seriously pissed and Tinny got Ubuntu top-notched on my box and I’ve been using that the last month or so.

But the biggest part of this: Nothing was backed up. All work and progress on anything, gone. This means I have to start from scratch on the game. And yes, it is a major set back. The game will take longer to make.

Upcoming Game

Many of you have known but to make this official, I am making a RPG.

Right now it:

Has no name, but it will go by the code name “Bitchy” until I have decided a name for it.

Is about 4% done programming wise, and I have about 35% of the game’s ideas and plot done.

Will at most be done before summer break will be over. At least a few weeks after summer break has started.
But because Tinny wanted me to, here is a screeny:

Bitchy Screenshot