Kindle 3 Enable Voice Guide

The screen on my Amazon Kindle 3 recently broke so I decided to test the device’s accessibility. Although the manual for the device instructs you on how to enable Voice Guide, a feature that reads menus to you aloud, it does so in a way that would not be of any use to someone with impaired vision. So, for those who aren’t able to visually navigate the Kindle 3, here is a blind guide to enable Voice Guide:

  • Power the Kindle on (slide the Power Switch to the right and let it spring back to its original position on the left, the Power Switch is located on the bottom right edge of the kindle)
  • Press the Home button to make sure you begin at the home screen (bottom row of buttons on face of Kindle, second long oval key from the right)
  • Press the Menu button (top row of buttons on face of Kindle, the only long oval key on the far right)
  • Press the down direction key five times on the 5-way pad to get to the Settings Menu (the 5-way pad is the square navigation pad occupying the far right of rows 2 and 3 on the kindle keyboard, the down button is the bottom edge of the square)
  • Press the select button on the 5-way pad to select Settings (the select button is the middle button on the 5-way pad, it is not raised and is in the middle of the square)
  • You are now on Page 1 of 3 of the settings menu
  • Press the Next Page button to get to Page 2 (the lower and larger of the two buttons on the right or left edge of the Kindle)
  • You are now on Page 2 of 3 and Voice Guide is selected by default
  • Press the select button on the 5-way pad to turn Voice guide on
  • Your Kindle 3 should now be reading the menu items to you

Once you have selected a document to read, you will need to press Shift and Sym(bol) simultaneously to enable Text-To-Speech reading. Shift is the bottom-left-most circular button on the face of the Kindle, Symbol is the 9th circular button from the left in the third row of buttons on the face of the Kindle.