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A few years ago at a Chicago 2600 meeting there was a Color Classic on the “take me” (garbage) table at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club. Naturally, 0v3rk1ll and I took it along with some other items and a PowerMacintosh. The Color Classic would boot to the dreaded Missing OS icon (question mark on a floppy disk). I assumed that it was a normal Color Classic, so I purchased an awesome new-old-stock IBM USB floppy drive off of eBay to hook up to a MacBook so I could put System 7.5.3 on floppies to reload the OS. I ended up trying out the Network Access Disc, with it in the floppy drive, the machine booted up with the Happy Mac (found OS) icon and made its way into Mac OS 9.1. I’m pretty sure the reason it was showing the Missing OS icon is because the PRAM battery is dead.

I checked the system profile, and it turns out that the Color Classic chassis actually has a PowerMacintosh 5400 in it with a 200 MHz PPC 603ev and 32 MB of physical memory. With a grin from ear to ear, I realized that one of the previous owners must have done a logic board swap on it. Score! Although OS 9.1 is “The Best Internet Operating System Ever”, it runs a little slow on this Mac so I’m considering making a backup image of the hard drive and then installing Mac OS 7.5.3 to speed things up – plus then it would be more believable that it’s a Color Classic.

Between working on this CC and digging up my collection of floppy disks (3½” AND 5¼”) I’m going through a blast from the past that I really needed. Maybe I’ll post more updates on old stuff soon. The screenshot is of the CC logged into my server with MacSSH.

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