Plates and a Model

1972 Illinois License Plates

I bought a clean set of Illinois ’72 plates off eBay for the Gremlin. In Illinois (and probably a lot of other states) if you have AV (Antique Vehicle) plates you can keep them in the car and display a set of historic license plates from the year of manufacture. Normal AV plate restrictions still apply to the vehicle though.

Lindberg AMC Gremlin Grabber Model

I also bought a Lindberg AMC Gremlin “Grabber” model kit, it’s 1:20 scale. Most Gremlin models and miniatures seem to be modeled after a ’74 Gremlin, which has different bumpers, different grille, and four vertical impressions on the c-pillar instead of the two large horizontal ones that mine has. The paperwork says this one is a ’71, so it’s the same as my real ’72 except for the V8 air filter coming through the hood…which isn’t factory in case you didn’t know 😛 The plan is to try stuff out on it to see what will look good on the real thing. That being said, I need to pick up some model paint and find some more suitable wheels and tires for it.

~ Tinny

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