AMC Sport Steering Wheel

I recently purchased an AMC sport steering wheel that would be appropriate for an AMX Javelin from the 1970’s, but I think that it looks great on any AMC car so I watched eBay listings until I found a new old stock one in good condition for a decent price. Today I had the time to install it on my 1972 Gremlin.

Here is the old wheel

and the new one

Doesn’t it just look faster? 😀

4 thoughts on “AMC Sport Steering Wheel”

  1. How did you remove the horn button on this wheel? I have the same one and I thought they just twisted or popped off. I have tried twisting, lifting, and gentle prying. No Go.

  2. Pedro,
    First disconnect the battery so the horn doesn’t sound, then get your fingers under the horn button and pull up on one side of it. It should come straight off, no twisting involved.

  3. I’m putting a Rallye wheel on my 75 gremlin x that I found in a gremlin in a salvage yard. The plastic piece on the back of the wheel has a couple little bit chipped off. Was your plastic back piece whole and intact? the Rallye steering wheel is sweet for sure.

  4. Mark,
    Mine was intact. I haven’t seen the back of the wheel in a while, but I think there are tabs that hold it in place. If they’re damaged, you might want to pick up a plastic repair kit to fill in the chipped spots.

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