QuakeCon 2008 Roundup

It has been about a month since QuakeCon 2008 and I have finally settled into my senior school schedule enough to have the time to write about it. 0v3rk1ll and I flew out to Dallas, Texas for QuakeCon and stayed at the Hilton Anatole from July 31st to August 3rd. We were pre-registered for the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) so we only had to wait in line maybe 10-15 minutes to get our BYOC badges and update our list of belongings that we brought into the BYOC.

My brother, Cody, painted up a football helmet for me to wear as Commander Keen for the convention.

The Hilton Anatole is quite a sight, it is filled with amazing Asian artwork. There are a lot of statues of Gautama Buddha and there is even a piece of the Berlin Wall on display outside.

Here is a Ctrl+Alt+Del comic on convention hygiene and my BYOC pass.

0v3rk1ll and I brought our laptops and were glad that we did since they’re a lot easier to fly with than a computer would be.

The BYOC was full of interesting computers and case mods.

There were many vendor booths there as expected. AMD & ATI had the main booth in the center where most of the excitement happened at. They had a couple of AMD Build-Offs where two people go head-to-head at trying to assemble a computer as fast as they can. There were a lot of companies that just had computers set up for LAN play within the vendor area so you could try out their computers with games that you are familiar with. 0v3rk1ll got called up to the AMD booth from a raffle and won a motherboard, he talked them into shipping him a Radeon 4850 with it. We entered in some Quake 3 & 4 tournaments at the PNY booth, I came in 2nd place in a Quake 3: Arena tournament (lost by one kill!) and won 4 GB of RAM that I gave to 0v3rk1ll so he would have more parts to build a new computer with.

There were two Wolfenstien booths, one was playing the trailer to the new Wolfenstein that is coming out and the other was for Wolfenstein RPG on the phone. I won a Wolfenstien RPG t-shirt after trying the game out.

I got called up to the stage for a big AMD raffle with a couple of other people to compete for a computer that was assembled by Maingear. For the first round we played The Price Is Right and guessed at prices of selected computer hardware on Newegg.com, I guessed the closest prices on the first two questions without going over so I moved on to the next round with another con-goer. We then played The Dating Game. I ended up winning the computer and was very happy.

At the end there was a big party. There were ET:QW and QuakeLive tournaments, prizes were awarded, and the Frag Movie was played.

I had the computer that I won shipped to my house, it arrived within a week of returning home. I brought it to my friend Zildjian’s house for a LAN party and found out the hard way that lugging around a 55 lb full-tower computer is a real pain in the back. Since the case that the computer came in was very large, heavy, and lacked USB ports on the actual case, I replaced it with an Ultra E-Torque mid-tower case that is a lot smaller and lighter. It even has USB ports on the top of the case, which is the best place for them in my opinion. Here are some photographs of it with the original case and then some of it with the new case that I put it in.

The current specs of the system are:

  • Power Supply: 750W MAINGEAR Ultra Quiet Power Supply
  • Motherboard: MSI K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX Chipset
  • Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9950 BLACK EDITION (2.6GHz x 4)
  • Memory: CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC 6400)
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache – SATA II (I also added a 160GB SATA drive that I had in my old computer)
  • Optical Drive: 20X Dual Layer DVD.RW Drive w/ LightScribe Technology – black
  • Video Card: Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5

Hopefully ATI will release some solid radeon drivers for Linux sometime soon so I can boot the penguin on that machine to play games instead of having to go into Windows XP.

That’s all for now. I am already stoked for QuakeCon 2009 😉

~ Tinny

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