June LAN

I was planning on having a LAN party and a bonfire some weekend after school ended, so I planned it for last weekend, but then we had some bad weather with thunderstorms and tornado warnings so I ended up just having a LAN party. The power went out three times, but that’s because we had about nine computers and an air conditioner all on the same fuse, we finally fixed that with extension cords.

The games of the night were: Age of Chivalry, a total conversion for Half-Life 2, and Crysis. This was the first time I had played Age of Chivalry and it proved to be a great mod for LAN play and it’s pretty good online too depending on who you’re playing it with. It still needs a lot of work done as far as balance goes, footmen seem too powerful to just be footmen. Crysis is great as long as the map you’re playing on has an aircraft base, VTOLs are my favourite part of the game.

LAN Table
I think this was our largest LAN party so far, we had nine people there šŸ˜›

CaBo0se and 0v3rk1ll
Spook, Ghost, TinMan, CaBo0sE, and 0v3rk1ll

Blind Fragging
Spook and I can frag with our eyes closed!

Voxx Lies
Voxx lies.

0v3rk1ll Airsoft
0v3rk1ll and his Airsoft gun.

Tree and Zild
Tree, Zildjian, Voxx, DeFAulT, and CaBo0sE

Mountain Maze
Sinkist, not Sunkist, look closely at the letters.
Mountain Maze = Jewel’s Mountain Dew

Mountain Maze
Some stay dry and others feel the tase
Mountain maze

That’s all for now. Peace.

~ Tinny

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