0v3rk1ll’s Eee PC and RC Car

Eee PC

0v3rk1ll’s new Eee PC looks funny when compared to my 17″ Gateway P-6831FX.

Eee PC on P-6831FX

Eee PC on P-6831FX Open

Eee PC Size Comparison

The screen height on the Eee PC is less than the diameter of a CD. It makes other laptops, especially mine, look like desktop replacements. I’m fine with having my full keyboard and NVIDIA 8800M GTS though :]

RC Car

We drove to our old junior high to drive 0v3rk1ll’s RC car around.

0v3rk1ll Gremlin

He disguised himself as Gizmo from the movie Gremlins.

0v3rk1ll RC Car

0v3rk1ll’s RC car.

Youtube - 0v3rk1ll's RC Car

Click for the YouTube video of 0v3rk1ll’s RC Car.

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