McOwned and a Chicago Hacker Meeting

On Friday, 0v3rk1ll and I attended a monthly Chicago 2600 meeting with my parents. On the way we stopped at a McDonald’s to see that the drive-through was McOwned with a Windows error message.

McDonalds Drive-Through Computer Owned

McDonalds Drive-Through Computer Error Message

I don’t remember ordering that…

Then, we arrived at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club in Irving Park, where the Chicago 2600 meetings are held.

Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club

We’re usually fashionably late by an hour or so, which is why it was dark out. When we got there Jaku stole my camera and went on a food run to Burger King with Josh so I don’t have any clear photographs after that point. There weren’t any presentations this month, so it was pretty calm. Many of the hackers were discussing their past experiences from NOTACON and their plans for going to the upcoming NOTACON 5 that is next month. Some people had ASUS Eee PCs and someone even had an Everex CloudBook, which I personally think is much cooler. There were gadgets galore and people doing all kinds of things, from playing DOOM to writing programs for the iPhone. If you live in the area and have nothing better to do than learn and play with computers on the first Friday of a month then you should check it out, it’s loads of fun and the people there are great to talk to.

My handle/alias is “TinMan,” so b1rd got me a gummy heart.

TinMan with Gummy Heart

It was delicious 😛

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  1. Heh, good to see.

    Perhaps we could pimp each other’s blogs.

    Ill add you to my limkroll if you do the same.

    Also, get on #tremulous a bit, its a good chan.

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