Tee Eff Too

So, I’m one of the many excited for the full release of TF2 on Wednesday (as along with Portal). I’ve been playing the beta since it came out and it’s been plenty fun and buggy free for a beta release, besides a few glitches and balance issues.

Pretty much class layout is as follows:

Scout: Your speed is a very useful ability along with a double jump. Using these two with your scattergun (shotty) you literally blur past your opponents for quick, sporadic attacks. You are very useful for running past enemies and capturing a point, or a flag.

Soldier: You are a slower unit, but your rockets/shotgun prove hella damaging. Anything in your way will be blasted away, if you aren’t blasted first.

Pyro: You are, and will always be, known as a shitbag. This is because the best way to kill or at least set people on fire is to ambush them. You wait around the corner, and when the enemy is very near, you pop out and give them a lethal dose of point-blank flamethrower.

Demoman: You are the only unit in the game with grenades, and how people will hate you for it. Use your two different grenade launchers to catch enemies off guard, and have some nice explosives placed at their feet.

Heavy: You make them cry some more. You fill them with much lead, and they cannot outsmart your bullets. ‘Nuff said.

Engineer: Man, you hate fucking everyone in the game because you want your precious erected structures to be safe. The spies make you tear in your eyes.

Medic: Your teamates will constantly be calling for you, and when you and a heavy get together for sweet mayhem…it’s death time. At least guys say “Thanks.”

Sniper: Shoot shit in the head. Hopefully your team won’t get pissed at you.

Spy: You will go behind enemy lines and you will piss them off.

You kids have fun.