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Computer Art – I made this in my Computer Art class using Corel Painter X and a Wacom graphics tablet. It’s of Simone Mareuil from Un Chien Andalou. If you’ve never seen the film then I encourage you to watch it and then watch The Pixies song Debaser. I’ve brought this up before. ;D

Simone Mareuil Digital Painting


First of all, today I had to suffer hearing kids talk about Halo 3 all through the school day, luckily for me the real Halo fanboys stayed home to play it. I don’t have a problem with Halo, but I do have a problem with kids who disrupt class by loudly talking about how they camped out for it and how it’s the “coolest game ever,” especially when they’ve barely played any games outside the Halo series. I haven’t played Halo 3 yet, but I watched the ending on YouTube and have seen enough gameplay to conclude that it looks the same as Halo 2 to me. Surely I’ll find out what’s new when I end up playing it though. I could never play Halo seriously like so many kids do. The online community is something that I never want to be a part of and the environment/mapping and characters bore me beyond belief. I will say that playing Halo with a couple of friends on LAN is awesome though, the gameplay is great and you know the people that you’re playing with so they don’t have internet anonymity to allow them to act shit faced without consequences, such as getting hit with a keyboard.

This classic series of Penny Arcade comics express my current feelings very well, just replace Playstation with Xbox and it will relate to the current situation better:
The Sucking: Origins
The Sucking: Continued
The Sucking: Denouement


Then, I came home to find out that all my torrents were stalled and the reasons why:

I couldn’t find any good legalize propaganda for P2P, so I threw this image together.
Original image here.

Legalize P2P

/random rant

– TinMan

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