Carputer Brainstorming

I need music in my AMC Gremlin, the stock AM radio in it cut out every time we tried to get it working. I decided that a carputer would work out better than a normal in-dash stereo because it wouldn’t require having CDs with, I could just play mp3 files stored on the carputer.

Instead of building or buying a carputer I realized that my N800 would be perfect for the job, it has support for many media formats, AM/FM radio, WiFi for Wardriving, USB port, low power consumption, touch screen, etc.

Right now I’m thinking:

  • The N800 should be held by a turnable dock that it can be removed from easily
  • The dock would come out of the expansion bay on the car dash
  • A USB hub and external hard drive with my music on it should be mounted in the glove compartment
  • For speakers I’d have speaker boxes on the floor in back

Now I need to figure out:

  • How to make the N800 dock adjustable and be able to hide it back in the dash when it’s not in use
  • How much power it will need
  • How to connect the car antenna to the N800, it’s earbuds (headphones) are the stock antenna
  • How to power the external USB drive and USB hub so the N800 can play media off of it
  • Where I can get good boxed speakers that will fit on the floor and how to connect them to a normal headphone jack

So far I’ve got my N800 set up for it software wise, I loaded the latest firmware onto it yesterday and re-installed all my media applications.

I’ll document the project once it starts coming together in the car, it seems like the perfect carputer. I’m sure that other people have used it as one since you can run Maemo Mapper on it.


One thought on “Carputer Brainstorming”

  1. Well, let me know how that turns out. I’m 26 years old and staring at MY ’72 Gremlin wondering about music also. Obviously the dashboard doesn’t support the DIN size, only oldschool American radios. I’ve taken a slightly different route. I’m searching for either aftermarket dasboards with supported DIN, adapters, or a secondard dash to sand and make myself. (Keeping the original of course!)

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