Ultra-Mega Random Rant Time

So upon going into my school’s computer lab with the rest of my Economics class, were were going to check stock prices as we normally did on every day. The site we went to daily was Yahoo. There was a problem however.

The school had blocked Yahoo.

Now, this struck me as odd, since who would block a search engine? (However, just typing in finance.yahoo.com sufficed to getting there. Cheap blocking systems.) Now, the blocking software always has a reason for blocking a website. Whether it should be “information technology” or “website blogging”. This had struck me very odd.

“Search engine.”

I quickly check Google (for Christ’s sake). Blocked as well for the same reason. How the fuck can you block SEARCH ENGINES? It’s a fucking crime! How can you have even a simple learning environment without even being able to search what you need. I’m surprised if they haven’t blocked Wikipedia either, since it has some “bad” stuff on there. What’s even left to go on the internet for now? The school website?

Fuck, I’m done.


3 thoughts on “Ultra-Mega Random Rant Time”

  1. I agree, I’m with you….grab a live cd and nmap the server. When you see ssh, spam the fucker.

    SYN Floods work well too.

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