Bright Eyes

I saw a Bright Eyes concert yesterday and it was awesome. Most of the songs played were off of their latest album, Cassadaga, but some were older. It was at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, which I expected to be large, but it wasn’t that big at all. Me and Corey stood the whole time, we heard most of the opening band’s performance and then waited on our tippy toes to see Bright Eyes take the stage and when they did the place went wild. There was a video behind the band playing in sync with each song which had hands doing random actions, such as finger painting with food dye, flattening flowers with a rolling pin, and scribbling with coloured pencils and then drawing a heart over the scribbles only to tear it apart and scribble all over again. For someone who has never seen a music video like Bowl of Oranges it would have seemed really weird, but for a fan of them it wasn’t that unexpected, just cool and amusing. Conor Oberst jogged the stage toward the end of each song so even though it was a standing show most people got a good view of him at one point or another.

I need to go to more concerts. 🙂

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