Danger To Teh Motherboard!

The past weekend I had a hardware meltdown, literally. I had recently moved my computer from the floor to up on the desk since I switched to a larger desk, this was neat because I could check the CPU temp right there, USB ports were more easily accessible, and I could actually see through the clear side-panel on my case. Why leave it on the floor when you can see in it?

I had just joined a game of tremulous and I saw a yellow light in my case, I look over at it and there’s a flame at least 5 inches high. I actually managed to exit the game and shut-down my computer from the menu despite freaking out that there was a fire in my computer, which is in my room. After the fire was out the computer still managed to function enough to properly turn off, but I didn’t want to risk anything so I opened it up. The motherboard was burned pretty bad next to where the FireWire was, it was filled with dust puppies, and there were marks from the flame on my PCI card and PCI expansion slots. I ended up picking up a new motherboard which has been working fine so far.

The new motherboard is a Biostar GeForce 6100-M9, I haven’t messed with the onboard video yet, only my GeForce 7900GT, but I plan on testing out the onboard chipset since they took the time to put it in the name of the model. šŸ˜› On the new motherboard I had to disable AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet in the BIOS, I had booted it up and noticed that my CPU was only at 1GHz when it runs 2.2GHz stock, the default settings had Cool’n’Quiet enabled, which underclocked my CPU.

Dust Puppies FireWire
Burns TV-Tuner
Before, old mobo After, new mobo

3 thoughts on “Danger To Teh Motherboard!”

  1. Dang that sucks, you should of cleaned out your case esp since you could now see inside it šŸ™‚ Lucky you moved it though otherwise you might not of seen the fire in it. Which could of created big problems.

  2. Cool n’ Quiet is going to underclock your CPU when its not being stressed, but it will bring the clock speed back up when you go into a game or something.

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