Penny Arcade Adventures

Yes! Penny Arcade is putting it out on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 😀

Hothead and Penny Arcade Team Up to Create the First Ever Penny Arcade Game

We are collaborating with Penny Arcade to create games based on the Penny Arcade characters and universe. For the first time ever Penny Arcade’s creators will bring their hilarious and irreverent web comic to life in a video game.

The first game is entitled Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness and will ship on PC for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. The game will be released in episodic format, delivering new installments of the adventure to Penny Arcade fans every few months.

We are currently in development on the first episode, so check back for more details as they become available. Or check out the official press release.

Game info at Hothead Games

Gameplay Video on Kotaku

Pictures from Events in 07

I went through my camera and decided to post some pictures here.

Chickens, yes… I have pet chickens.


Here are some photos from a LAN Party a while back.

Bob on eBay Airsoft Guns

0v3rk1ll TinMan

The Table Spook's elbow

Default (DFO) on NeonPulse Spook and Default (DFO)

0v3rk1ll's setup Default (DFO)

Voxx The inside of a soda

Bob, lord of the dogs. A Wii Offering



Some Wii Sports before seeing the band that keeps renaming play at Coffee House.

There's no wrong way to Wii Box.


Smiley brought his belegarth equipment to the last LAN, I recorded a video of him fighting Default (DFO) and 0v3rk1ll.

Default (DFO) Owned Default (DFO) and the Smiley Shield

Smiley attacking Default (DFO) Smiley PWNING Default (DFO)

Smiley and Default (DFO) 0v3rk1ll, Default (DFO), and Smiley

Smiley, 0v3rk1ll, and Default (DFO) Smiley with Belegarth Wounds

Zildjian Zildjian's TFC Setup


These are from the Chicago Hacker Meeting two days ago.

Xarow fixing his laptop's power button b1rd wearing awesome shades


b1rd took this of me Pac-Man and Tetroids on my Chucks

The last three pictures are from b1rd’s sidekick.