Say goodbye to Microsoft. Now.

Say goodbye to Microsoft. Now.

Say goodbye to Microsoft. Now.

While Windows Vista was being developed, the Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) made many advances.

Installing Linux has become easier than ever with graphical Live CD installers and now with Windows executables that let you install the distributions while in Microsoft Windows.

Projects such as Xgl/Compiz, and Beryl have greatly evolved and drawn in many people seeking eye candy for their desktop.

Companies such as Novell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Red Hat, Canonical, and NVIDIA (just to name a few) have been helping contribute to the open-source community and help to ensure that Linux users and developers have all the tools that they need available to them.

The FSF and GNU project have reached the five-thousandth entry in the Free Software Directory.

What does Vista have?

  • A new Graphical User Interface (GUI), Aero, which just doesn’t compare to the compositing window managers available for X11.
  • A new “Alt-Tab” application, Windows Flip 3D, which allows you to see how many more security warnings you have to go through before you reach your desktop.
  • Shiny new icons and wallpapers that are arguably stolen from various places.
  • DirectX 10, there’s money to be made by putting Vista compatible stickers on the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) made for its needs.
  • OpenGL 1.4, Microsoft has Direct3D taking OpenGL calls, who wants to use the current OpenGL 2.1 when you have DirectX 10? *sarcasm*
  • Vista has DRM, bad Vista.

Keep in mind that this is all coming from a GNU fanboy.


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