Jeremy Hammond Sentenced

Another one got caught today, it’s all over the papers.

Chicago Tribune (Hack This Site!)
Hack This Site!
digg – HackThisSite Founder Convicted

It’s a shame that he kept stirring up trouble, for a while it looked like the charges were going to be dropped. Even if they weren’t, he still would have had a lesser conviction in court had he not broken parole with accounts of assault and drug use.

January 3rd I will loose one of my great mentors, not that I admire what he has done, but in the sense that he was always there to chat with me, teaching me new things and helping me learn about security and technology. A good friend to me, I only wish that he was a better one by not getting himself locked up and not causing trouble with my Chicago2600 friends.

I hope that one day he will start thinking his actions and their consequences through, that will benefit both him and the world as he could accomplish great things if he went at them with good intentions and executed his ideas using pure (white hat) ethics.

This means that many of the aspiring projects that he has helped out with will suffer, but it also means that he won’t be causing trouble with other projects and ethical groups as he has with Chicago 2600.

~ TinMan

anarchist hackers are everywhere!

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