Wii Marketing

Why is it that many people still have no idea of what the Nintendo Wii is? Nintendo hasn’t started marketing it too much yet. I think that this is a good delay, Nintendo won’t be bombed with demand on their launch date, people just now hearing about the Wii will be able to wait a bit for theirs, and people like me will be wearing cleats to conquer the long lines at the store…I’m joking, my Wii has been pre-ordered.
Nintendo’s $200 Million marketing campaign for the Wii begins.

Only six days remaining…

I was browsing through the launch titles and these games caught my eye:

  • The Ant Bully– Another Bugdom/A Bug’s Life-like video game. I know that I don’t want it, but someone will buy me it and then I won’t put it down until I’ve beat it.
  • Call of Duty 3: I’m not a COD fanboy, but I know enough people who are to know that I need this.
  • Red Steel– Katanas + guns + Unreal Engine + Wii = I’m so there
  • Tamagotchi– A lovable egg video game!? Who needs to sleep when you have a pixelicious pet to take care of?
  • Trama Center: Second Opinion– It reminds me of that one Invader Zim episode where Zim goes into Dib’s body in a shrunken Irken space ship and attacks it, and then Gaz battles Zim remotely, as if it were a video game.

Non-launch titles:

As far as PC gaming goes right now, I probably won’t be doing much other than classics and Tremulous until Unreal Tournament 2007 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars are released.