TinMan got a MacBook

Today I finally got my MacBook. Its the “Ultimate” black 2GHz MacBook and it came with a free iPod nano and a printer/scanner/copier after rebate.

Being a linux junkie, I’m at home in OS X.

Here’s a generic looking screenshot that I took, I’ll be sure to post more once I customize the GUI a little, maybe ditch the ugly silver.
(click image to enlarge)

MacBook Screenie

As for hardware, 2GHz Core Duo and 512MB of RAM, yeah its got Intel graphics (which usually suck), but it runs all my games fine so far, so I’m not complaining about the Intel.
Now I can pwn noobs, and proudly say that I’m owning them via Mac or Linux, because this MacBook runs the same games I run on my Ubuntu Desktop.

Open Source game engines FTW!

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