Windows 2K? WTF?

Windows 2K FTW!!!!!11!1!

Well, a few days ago I took out the HDD in an old box, and I had Tinny come over to help me plug that up and install Windows XP on it. Well, we got a Blue Screen O’ Death during installation. Well, HDD doesn’t like XP, so he whipped out his 2K cd and it worked. So now I got an Ubuntu/2K Dual boot going on now, and it’s been working good. When I’m in Ubuntu I can transfer files from each HDD, but not in Windows cause it’s evil and doesn’t like the format. =0

Other than that I’ve had some (rest?) and relaxation. Been doing better in my Music creation, but been dumping a lot of things that sound even remotely wrong.

Note to self: Don’t eat a entire mouthful of chewed shreaded wheat cereal in one gulp.


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