TinMan got a MacBook

Today I finally got my MacBook. Its the “Ultimate” black 2GHz MacBook and it came with a free iPod nano and a printer/scanner/copier after rebate.

Being a linux junkie, I’m at home in OS X.

Here’s a generic looking screenshot that I took, I’ll be sure to post more once I customize the GUI a little, maybe ditch the ugly silver.
(click image to enlarge)

MacBook Screenie

As for hardware, 2GHz Core Duo and 512MB of RAM, yeah its got Intel graphics (which usually suck), but it runs all my games fine so far, so I’m not complaining about the Intel.
Now I can pwn noobs, and proudly say that I’m owning them via Mac or Linux, because this MacBook runs the same games I run on my Ubuntu Desktop.

Open Source game engines FTW!

Zombiepox for linux

I just switched from Ubuntu Dapper 32-bit to Ubuntu Dapper 64-bit for performance reasons, and so that I could run an SMP kernel. (I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+, the X2 stands for Dual Core) When I installed all my games and messed with the 32-bit ones to get them to run in 64-bit, I decided that since Zombiepox is freeware, I might as well document my installation and then make an installer script for it. Getting Zombiepox to run in 64-bit was a bit more trouble than in 32-bit, so I made a 32-bit shell script and a 64-bit shell script for all of you linux gamers out there.

You can find the zombiepox package here.
Be sure to check out the Free Lunch Design website, its full of awesome freeware arcade games.

~ Tinny

Ah, beautiful scripts and chords.

So, I’ve been tinkering with Fruity Loops Studio 6 for awhile now. Learning and making music. It’s a pretty nice program, and you don’t need a MIDI Keyboard to use it either. (Unlike Reason, which I use for drum loops).

So in the meantime of me learning, (and figuring out plans for the game) go listen to some of my scrap-ish work here:


Windows 2K? WTF?

Windows 2K FTW!!!!!11!1!

Well, a few days ago I took out the HDD in an old box, and I had Tinny come over to help me plug that up and install Windows XP on it. Well, we got a Blue Screen O’ Death during installation. Well, HDD doesn’t like XP, so he whipped out his 2K cd and it worked. So now I got an Ubuntu/2K Dual boot going on now, and it’s been working good. When I’m in Ubuntu I can transfer files from each HDD, but not in Windows cause it’s evil and doesn’t like the format. =0

Other than that I’ve had some (rest?) and relaxation. Been doing better in my Music creation, but been dumping a lot of things that sound even remotely wrong.

Note to self: Don’t eat a entire mouthful of chewed shreaded wheat cereal in one gulp.