Popular parody of “THE SCENE” has just released the first DVD in a set of 3. The DVD includes high quality encodes of all episodes, director commentary, and many other goodies!

Download information can be found here.

I had a little Q and A with Hydr0san:

TinMan: on the download page, DVD 1 of 3? is it just the first season out on DVD so far or what’s with the 3 DVDs?
Hydr0san: no
Hydr0san: first 4 eps
Hydr0san: + goodies on there
Hydr0san: dvd2 will be out soon
TinMan: cool
TinMan: why did you digg it under security? lol
Hydr0san: i dont know 😛
TinMan: haha
Hydr0san: just cauase
Hydr0san: i saw this other digg
Hydr0san: http://digg.com/security/_Welcome_To_The_Scene_Hacked_Defaced_
Hydr0san: look at that closely
TinMan: rofl

Remember, true sceners seed 200% 😉

Don’t forget to digg it!


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