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When you first install Ubuntu, there are a lot of plugins and programs that aren’t included in the main install, so in the past I have always made a list of things that I’ve installed, and how I installed them. When Breezy Badger came out (Ubuntu 5.10) I had more than three computers up and running it, so I decided to make a very simple script that did most of the work for me, and now with Dapper (Ubuntu 6.06) I have done the same. You can find my installer script here, along with some configuration files that I use. Make sure that you open it up and read all of the notes in it before you use it, that way you can customize it to your personal needs, and your system’s hardware needs.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Install Script”

  1. Have you looked at all at Automatix or Easy Ubuntu? I haven’t tried either one but I’ve read good things about both of them.

  2. I have used Automatix before, but I like using a shell script that doesn’t use a graphical interface for installing software, that way I can edit it and know what I’m doing. Automatix is great for beginners though.

  3. I’ve tried Automatix and easyubuntu. although they are useful to some people, its truely a pain in the butt to get them to add a software to their program.

    it seems theres another person who made a install script. however the one hes doing has a lot of programs and the script lets u choose which things to install and which to not install.

    i seen the link to it about halfway down this post:

    works good to me.

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