Upcoming Game

Many of you have known but to make this official, I am making a RPG.

Right now it:

Has no name, but it will go by the code name “Bitchy” until I have decided a name for it.

Is about 4% done programming wise, and I have about 35% of the game’s ideas and plot done.

Will at most be done before summer break will be over. At least a few weeks after summer break has started.
But because Tinny wanted me to, here is a screeny:

Bitchy Screenshot

WRT54G Cooling

The other day my Linksys WRT54G finally died, my internet kept dropping and then I finally noticed that it was overheating and probably fried, I let it cool down, then I reset it ghetto style (connect pins 15 and 16 on its intel chip with a jewel screwdriver) and tftp’d the last official Linksys Firmware version to it, but it was still dead.

So the next day I bought a new WRT54G v2 (same router) and decided that it is an awesome router with all the possibilities of its firmware since it runs linux, but it has major cooling issues, so I made a solution that’s ugly, but works. Once I get the time I’ll clean it up and make a bracket for the fan to be mounted with and adapt the fan to be powered by a wall outlet.

For now I have a silent 80mm fan taped to the top of it pulling air out of the router from the holes on top of it. The fan is powered by the NeonPulse server’s PSU since the router is always next to the server anyways.

Server and Router

Router and Fan