March 3-4 Lan Party

Here’s some pictures from the Lan Party, I’m still waiting on google video to approve the video clips from it.

Move your mouse over a picture to see the description.

vt102k bashing heads in on xbox Gambit, red-eyed Default, and part of me (TinMan)
CaBo0sE and his PC. IT OWNS! Default playing House of the Dead
vt102k making a Sims 2 character of Gambit Gambit as he always is
vt102k r0x! intentionally left sideways
Gambit owning Overkill Default and his camera phone
Default, his camera phone, and a weird face vt102k and his camera phone

Overkill, Default, and part of vt102k Default Ownage!

One thought on “March 3-4 Lan Party”

  1. …so…what’s up. Oh, yeah, comments… lol. Fun partys…. random conversation… lol.. i think i’m just going insane…??lol

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